Fun Diversions

Sometimes you just want to have fun, and that’s what this video category is all about—you may learn how to run a 5K or travel on a budget! Select the video title or image to play the video and find additional information.

Trail Running

Have you been interested in trail running and wanted to find out what to expect? This clinic will introduce you to: tricks of the trade, important considerations, resources for learning (books, movies, guides), and what to experience from the trail.

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Join ORC staff as they teach you what to consider before going on your own thru-hiking adventure, share some resources for learning (books, movies, guides), and tell stories from the trail from facilitators with thru-hiking experience.

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Atomic Comics

Photo: Mark O'English in background, play button in foreground.Join Mark O’English (WSU Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections) at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 5, for “Atomic Comics: Evolving Depictions of Science in Comic Books and Popular Culture.”

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Travel Abroad

outline of mountains in the distance in background, video play button in foregroundLearn how to have a rewarding time, and avoid common pitfalls, during your international travel experience.

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