Professor Bryan Vila’s mistakes have often turned into adventures. Half a century of stumbles, screw ups and goofs have made him an expert on making the best of an ugly situation. After learning to learn from scores of missteps in hazardous places like the battlefields of Vietnam, the slums of Los Angeles, and the dubious island paradise of Micronesia, he’s made a career out of studying deadly errors in his lab at WSU. Based on experiences as a teenaged Marine, a young street cop, and a police chief, Dr. Vila will share his hard-won strategies for embracing error as inevitable, learning to recover with good humor, and wringing good lessons from bad times. Leaving lots of time for open discussion, he’ll also describe how his one-of-a-kind simulation lab uses Normal Accident Theory to study the impact of fatigue-related errors on deadly force judgment and decision making, police driving, and counterinsurgency operations.

Presenter Name: Professor Bryan Vila
Date Recorded: September 9, 2013