Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

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03/29/2016 | Brenda Cleaver | Webinar | 16 Views
Yes, you can choose to be happy—and it actually works. Learn how with this web event presented by Brenda Cleaver of WSU Wellbeing Online. You'll learn how to embrace gratitude and ambition simultaneously, how to identify what you have and what you need, and how the act of choosing happiness can improve work, relationships, and your health.

03/26/2014 | Chef Jamie Callison | Live-streamed Event | 7 Views
WSU Executive Chef highlights how to make Bacon-wrapped Jalapenos, Beef Pot Roast, and Cougar Gold Mac 'n' Cheese

09/25/2014 | Mia Hsieh | Live-streamed Event | 14 Views
Mia Hsieh of A Moving Sound musical group takes participants and viewers through the basics of Tai Chi.

03/21/2014 | Joanne Greene, Paige Dixon | Webinar | 7 Views
If you've ever thought about trying a fad diet, this webinar will help you understand

02/25/2015 | Jessica Whitt, Matt Atwell | Live-streamed Event | 11 Views
University Recreation staff show you how to work out in 10-15 minutes, wherever you happen to be. Learn workouts that demonstrate how you can get fit with a minimum of time, expense, and Spandex.

12/08/2015 | Joanne Greene | Live-streamed Event | 3 Views
Feeling slammed? Stressed? Retreat to your powerful center with this mixed-level yoga class. Led by WSU's Joanne Greene, the course includes breathing techniques, meditation and the basic sun salutation poses, including Warrior I, II and III.

05/05/2014 | Jenna Bracken | Webinar | 4 Views
For all those who enjoy the outdoors, LNT strives to educate about the nature of recreational impact, as well as techniques to prevent and minimize such impact.

12/17/2014 | Katelyn Spradley | Webinar | 8 Views
A personal guide through winter clothing layering systems, travelling on snowshoes & cross-country skis, skin & eye protective gear, and staying warm during all of your winter activities.

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