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10/08/2015 | Heather Instasi, Mara Almanzor | Webinar | 4 Views
Save time and energy by earning your Blackboard black belt. Heather and Mara are experts on the front line of Blackboard support at WSU and will answer commonly asked questions, share great tips, and provide personal assistance.

04/03/2015 | Heidi Melin, Jeff Wile, Kris Kutchera | Live-streamed Event | 3 Views
The annual Business Technology Symposium convenes a panel of technology executives from leading enterprises. Panelists discuss current and emerging issues facing information technology leaders. The symposium will include presenters from f5, Avista, Alaska Airlines, Plex, and Disney.

02/02/2016 | Lorena O'English | Webinar | 0 Views
Databases: The Scholar Awakens is the first installment of the WSU Libraries: A Galaxy of Information three-part series. In this webinar, WSU reference librarian Lorena O'English explores article databases, such as Academic Search Complete, Sociological Abstracts, and Google Scholar, looking at interface, content, and search strategies.

02/12/2013 | Dr. Grant Norton | Webinar | 6 Views
WSU Professor in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, discusses the history of the battery and how we can move this technology into the future.

02/23/2015 | Dr. Stoney Brooks | Webinar | 6 Views
Learn to think inside the box with this Advanced tutorial on the many ways you can use Excel to organize your life, automate math, and turn dull documents into color-coded triumphs of logic.

10/20/2015 | Dr. Stoney Brooks | Webinar | 3 Views
Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for organizing and examining data. To help students unlock its secrets, Professor Stoney Brooks covered key tools such as PivotTables and Pivot Charts and how to use them in everyday life.

12/04/2014 | Arlene Pellicane | Webinar | 7 Views
Author of Growing Up Social and 31 Days to Becoming A Happy Wife, offers strategies to balance the demands of technology in your life and manage your time in today's social environment.

11/25/2013 | Jaak Panksepp | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Learn about the historical denial of Consciousness in Other Animals

02/02/2016 | Lorena O'English | Webinar | 0 Views
Journals: The Scholar Strikes Back is the second installment of the WSU Libraries: A Galaxy of Information three-part series. In this webinar, WSU reference librarian Lorena O'English covers the meaning of peer-reviewed sources, different types of publications, and how they can be used in scholarly work.

08/13/2013 | Dr. David Leonard | Webinar | 3 Views
WSU Professor in the Critical Culture, Race and Gender Studies department leads a discussion on rituals, commercialization, mass media and gender.

11/12/2014 | Corey Johnson | Webinar | 12 Views
WSU Librarian answers student questions and provides a tutorial on accessing the online library's resources.

01/17/2015 | Ryan Whitley, Thomas Wilson | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Staff from Tech Diversified, based out of Seattle, explain the importance of computer coding including online resources, free courses, and face-to-face opportunities. Learn the lingo, explore the online world, and expand your knowledge of technology.

04/29/2014 | Dr. Diane Cook | Webinar | 8 Views
Learn about what WSU is doing to implement the smart technology of today using artificial intelligence to keep homes safer.

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