Art, Culture and Music

Art, Culture and Music

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04/11/2014 | Students WSU | Live-streamed Event | 4 Views
WSU students from all campuses compete on teams to solve a global issue with the opportunity to travel to implement the proposed solution. 2014's Case: Arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh.

09/26/2014 | A Moving Sound | Live-streamed Event | 2 Views
Musical group A Moving Sound, based out of Taiwan, performs for a live audience. Their performance creates a new musical expression that fuses Taiwanese, Chinese and neighboring Asian musical ideas in inspired and engaging modern song compositions.

03/26/2015 | Ayana Jackson | Live-streamed Event | 9 Views
Photographer Ayana V. Jackson discusses her new exhibit, Archival Impulse, which is based on the theory that knowledge can be gained by re-examining and re-creating archival material. In this case, the archival material is 19th- and 20th-century photographs taken during the period of colonial expansion in Africa and the Americas. Jackson acts as both subject and photographer as she re-interprets these images.

02/07/2014 | Emily Casillas | Webinar | 6 Views
Cultural Anthropologist Emily R.S. Casillas explores the world of childrearing across the cultures of the world including parenting behavior, socialization and practices.

10/22/2013 | Emily Casillas | Webinar | 6 Views
Learn how to analyze your dreams, and how your culture might be influencing that analysis.

11/25/2013 | Melissa Ratsch | Webinar | 11 Views
Learn the basics and the benefits of utilizing infant-toddler Sign Language, and how it differs from American Sign Language.

04/07/2015 | Sara Hones | Webinar | 14 Views
In this presentation, Sarah Ann Hones, director of WSU’s Distinguished Scholarships Program, discusses distinguished scholarships available to Global Campus students. She highlights the Fulbright, Boren and Truman, talks about how scholarships could support family members, and offers tips on how to best impress the review committees with your application and resume.

03/04/2015 | Mpule Kwelagobe | Live-streamed Event | 8 Views
The 2015 International Women's Day keynote speaker made world headlines in 1999 when she became the first Miss Universe from Africa. Since then, Botswana native Mpule Kwelagobe has used her fame to work for social justice, women's education and food security.

02/18/2014 | Dennis Dehart | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Get an inside look at an introduction to the art of photography, including the use of live models.

08/13/2013 | Dr. David Leonard | Webinar | 3 Views
WSU Professor in the Critical Culture, Race and Gender Studies department leads a discussion on rituals, commercialization, mass media and gender.

08/15/2013 | WSU University Singers | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Celebrating Martin Luther King

01/22/2015 | Angela Davis | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Activist & author Angela Davis gives a lecture to WSU students for the 2015 MLK Community Celebration.

12/11/2013 | Anna Rochez | Webinar | 2 Views
Take a close look at the mural Skyhorses and the Finer Points of Solitaire & Checkers by Patrick Siler, located in downtown Pullman.

09/24/2015 | A Moving Sound | Live-streamed Event | 4 Views
In this interactive workshop apart of Washington State University's Humanitas Festival, members of the award-winning Guy Mendilow Ensemble discuss and play Ladino songs, the traditional music of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492. The session also explored the challenges of playing traditional repertoire, and set the stage for the ensemble's evening performance.

09/24/2015 | A Moving Sound | Live-streamed Event | 5 Views
At WSU's Humanitas Festival, the award-winning Guy Mendilow Ensemble presents a concert of Sephardic music—a Judeo-Spanish folk music known for its lush instrumentation and plangent vocals. The ensemble includes an international array of musicians who have recorded with everyone from Bobby McFerrin to Yo-Yo Ma.

01/28/2016 | Jasiri X | Live-streamed Event | 4 Views
View Washington State University Diversity Educations' 29th Annual Martin Luther King Community Celebration's keynote address by Jasiri X. Jasiri X is a Pittsburgh-based hip-hop artist who combines music with social activism.

12/30/2013 | Dr. Bucky Carter | Webinar | 11 Views
Graphic-novel expert Dr. James Bucky Carter looks at two American icons: Superman and Batman, and analyzes their role in history and literature.

03/06/2015 | Alex Murphy, Ruth Gregory | Webinar | 7 Views
Learn how to have a rewarding time, and avoid common pitfalls, during your international travel experience. Find ways to explore countries and communities you might not have thought possible. Get outside of your comfort zone and hear advice from seasoned travelling experts on how to make the most of your trip. Topics include research, packing, passport & visa information, navigating airports, and top 5 tips for travel success.

01/28/2016 | Jasiri X | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Activist and award-winning hip-hop artist Jasiri X presents a workshop on how hip-hop culture can promote social activism, both online and at the community level. Jasiri X also shares his personal fight to integrate his music with political engagement.

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