Life Management

Life Management

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02/07/2014 | Emily Casillas | Webinar | 6 Views
Cultural Anthropologist Emily R.S. Casillas explores the world of childrearing across the cultures of the world including parenting behavior, socialization and practices.

03/29/2016 | Brenda Cleaver | Webinar | 16 Views
Yes, you can choose to be happy—and it actually works. Learn how with this web event presented by Brenda Cleaver of WSU Wellbeing Online. You'll learn how to embrace gratitude and ambition simultaneously, how to identify what you have and what you need, and how the act of choosing happiness can improve work, relationships, and your health.

10/22/2013 | Emily Casillas | Webinar | 6 Views
Learn how to analyze your dreams, and how your culture might be influencing that analysis.

02/23/2015 | Dr. Stoney Brooks | Webinar | 6 Views
Learn to think inside the box with this Advanced tutorial on the many ways you can use Excel to organize your life, automate math, and turn dull documents into color-coded triumphs of logic.

10/20/2015 | Dr. Stoney Brooks | Webinar | 3 Views
Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for organizing and examining data. To help students unlock its secrets, Professor Stoney Brooks covered key tools such as PivotTables and Pivot Charts and how to use them in everyday life.

12/04/2014 | Arlene Pellicane | Webinar | 7 Views
Author of Growing Up Social and 31 Days to Becoming A Happy Wife, offers strategies to balance the demands of technology in your life and manage your time in today's social environment.

11/25/2013 | Melissa Ratsch | Webinar | 11 Views
Learn the basics and the benefits of utilizing infant-toddler Sign Language, and how it differs from American Sign Language.

08/18/2015 | Dr. Phyllis Erdman | Webinar | 14 Views
Dr. Phyllis Erdman, Associate Dean in WSU’s College of Education, explores the value and importance of the human-animal bond. She will show how unconditional love and connection between animals and humans mutually impacts our overall well-being.

11/04/2014 | Brenda Cleaver | Webinar | 6 Views
Wellbeing Online staffer presents a summary of Dr. Gary Chapman's book, The 5 Love Languages, and helps you advance your emotional communication skills. 

01/31/2014 | Joanne Greene | Webinar | 4 Views
Find out why keeping a New Year's Resolution can be so difficult for so many.

11/17/2015 | Emily Namie | Webinar | 4 Views
Considering earning an advanced degree? Hear from Global Campus graduate and psychology-Ph.D. candidate Emily Carstens Namie about application strategies, the GRE, your CV, and common pitfalls.

11/12/2015 | Scott Barlow | Webinar | 8 Views
Feeling stressed, swamped and barely afloat? Scott Barlow, career expert and CEO of Happen to Your Career, shows you how to get things done—while saving time for yourself. Barlow discusses the powerful 80/20 rule, successful scheduling, and how a five-minute investment pays off for 24 hours.

04/28/2014 | Ben Woodman | Webinar | 5 Views
Chair of the Environment Sustainability Alliance at WSU Pullman takes a broad look at sustainability, and then breaks the concept down into specific actions that can be taken on a day-to-day basis.

04/27/2015 | Megan Itani | Webinar | 10 Views
Megan Itani, Special Education teacher and WSU instructor, provides a close-up view of what it is like to live with Autism Spectrum Disorders and how the diagnosis has evolved over the years.

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