Research and Science

Research and Science

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02/12/2013 | Dr. Grant Norton | Webinar | 6 Views
WSU Professor in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, discusses the history of the battery and how we can move this technology into the future.

10/22/2013 | Emily Casillas | Webinar | 6 Views
Learn how to analyze your dreams, and how your culture might be influencing that analysis.

11/25/2013 | Jaak Panksepp | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Learn about the historical denial of Consciousness in Other Animals

03/04/2015 | Mpule Kwelagobe | Live-streamed Event | 8 Views
The 2015 International Women's Day keynote speaker made world headlines in 1999 when she became the first Miss Universe from Africa. Since then, Botswana native Mpule Kwelagobe has used her fame to work for social justice, women's education and food security.

08/18/2015 | Dr. Phyllis Erdman | Webinar | 14 Views
Dr. Phyllis Erdman, Associate Dean in WSU’s College of Education, explores the value and importance of the human-animal bond. She will show how unconditional love and connection between animals and humans mutually impacts our overall well-being.

04/29/2014 | Dr. Diane Cook | Webinar | 8 Views
Learn about what WSU is doing to implement the smart technology of today using artificial intelligence to keep homes safer.

04/16/2014 | Dr. Rich Zack | Webinar | 5 Views
WSU Entomology professor presents tips on traveling and the insects you may encounter while doing it.

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