06/30/2016 | Andy Lehr, Maja Gallespie | Webinar | 1 Views
Budgeting for WSU Summer Session can be a challenge, but Maja and Andy explain several different approaches that can help reduce your expenses.

06/28/2016 | Andy Lehr, Maja Gallespie | Webinar | 0 Views
Maja and Andy outline ways to pay for WSU Summer Session, including loans, scholarships, and employee benefits.

06/28/2016 | Andy Lehr, Maja Gallespie | Webinar | 7 Views
WSU Summer Session is a great way to move forward. In this video series, WSU financial aid experts Maja and Andy cover resources, and share tips for getting started.

04/06/2016 | Rebecca Cooney | Webinar | 16 Views
In the first of a two-part series, Rebecca Cooney, a WSU professor of strategic communication, will show you how to develop your personal brand and frame it from a job-search standpoint, as well as how to capitalize on the value of life experience.

03/29/2016 | Brenda Cleaver | Webinar | 16 Views
Yes, you can choose to be happy—and it actually works. Learn how with this web event presented by Brenda Cleaver of WSU Wellbeing Online. You'll learn how to embrace gratitude and ambition simultaneously, how to identify what you have and what you need, and how the act of choosing happiness can improve work, relationships, and your health.

03/24/2016 | Scott Barlow | Webinar | 1 Views
Scott Barlow, founder of Happen to Your Career, is presenting a series of webinars titled Know Your Strengths, Love Your Career. Each is designed to help you find the job you love. During his third and final webinar of the series, Don't Just Work, Love Your Work, you'll learn how you can use your unique abilities (i.e. signature strengths) to enjoy your time at work and get the most out of your career.

03/10/2016 | Scott Barlow | Webinar | 2 Views
Scott Barlow, founder of Happen to Your Career, is presenting a series of webinars titled Know Your Strengths, Love Your Career. Each is designed to help you find the job you love. During his second webinar, Use Your Weaknesses, you'll learn you don't need to improve your weakness. Instead Scott will show you how to move ahead by focusing on your strengths. He'll also discuss how to answer the dreaded interview question, "What are your strengths and weaknesses?"

03/01/2016 | Chris Miller | Webinar | 6 Views
In WSU career counselor Chris Miller's Personality Assessment webinar, you'll analyze your four-letter Myers-Briggs code that indicates your personality type and preferred ways of communication. Chris will then help you examine the results and how to apply them. This workshop enhances your understanding of team building, yourself and others, and different working environments.

02/25/2016 | Scott Barlow | Webinar | 2 Views
Scott Barlow, founder of Happen to Your Career, is presenting a series of webinars titled Know Your Strengths, Love Your Career. Each is designed to help you find the job you love. During his first webinar, Discover Your Strengths, Scott will help you find your signature strengths—your special gifts, attributes and experiences—and talk about how you can showcase them in your work.

02/23/2016 | Christopher Miller | Webinar | 2 Views
WSU career counselor Chris Miller's Career Interest Assessment uses such tools as the O*NET Interest Profiler, and Holland codes, which match jobs with personalities. You'll take an assessment in advance, and Chris will help interpret the results, their implications for careers, and how to use them in networking. This workshop is valuable for career exploration, research and decision-making.

02/16/2016 | Lorena O'English | Webinar | 0 Views
Sources: The Scholar Returns is the third installment of the WSU Libraries: A Galaxy of Information three-part series. In this webinar, WSU reference librarian Lorena O'English explores the differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources and how they can be different in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

02/02/2016 | Lorena O'English | Webinar | 0 Views
Databases: The Scholar Awakens is the first installment of the WSU Libraries: A Galaxy of Information three-part series. In this webinar, WSU reference librarian Lorena O'English explores article databases, such as Academic Search Complete, Sociological Abstracts, and Google Scholar, looking at interface, content, and search strategies.

02/02/2016 | Lorena O'English | Webinar | 0 Views
Journals: The Scholar Strikes Back is the second installment of the WSU Libraries: A Galaxy of Information three-part series. In this webinar, WSU reference librarian Lorena O'English covers the meaning of peer-reviewed sources, different types of publications, and how they can be used in scholarly work.

01/28/2016 | Jasiri X | Live-streamed Event | 4 Views
View Washington State University Diversity Educations' 29th Annual Martin Luther King Community Celebration's keynote address by Jasiri X. Jasiri X is a Pittsburgh-based hip-hop artist who combines music with social activism.

01/28/2016 | Jasiri X | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Activist and award-winning hip-hop artist Jasiri X presents a workshop on how hip-hop culture can promote social activism, both online and at the community level. Jasiri X also shares his personal fight to integrate his music with political engagement.

01/07/2016 | Andy Lehr, Maja Gallespie | Webinar | 1 Views
Get the inside scoop on financial aid with advisors Andy and Maja from WSU Student Financial Services. In this webinar, Andy and Maja cover topics that directly affect your bank account, such as aid disbursement, census date, deadlines, and satisfactory academic process (SAP).

12/08/2015 | Joanne Greene | Live-streamed Event | 3 Views
Feeling slammed? Stressed? Retreat to your powerful center with this mixed-level yoga class. Led by WSU's Joanne Greene, the course includes breathing techniques, meditation and the basic sun salutation poses, including Warrior I, II and III.

12/03/2015 | Chris Miller | Webinar | 4 Views
A liberal arts degree gives you a wide variety of crucial workforce skills. This presentation by WSU career counselor Chris Miller teaches you how best to present those skills to potential employers, and align your job-search efforts with their needs.

11/17/2015 | Emily Namie | Webinar | 4 Views
Considering earning an advanced degree? Hear from Global Campus graduate and psychology-Ph.D. candidate Emily Carstens Namie about application strategies, the GRE, your CV, and common pitfalls.

11/12/2015 | Scott Barlow | Webinar | 8 Views
Feeling stressed, swamped and barely afloat? Scott Barlow, career expert and CEO of Happen to Your Career, shows you how to get things done—while saving time for yourself. Barlow discusses the powerful 80/20 rule, successful scheduling, and how a five-minute investment pays off for 24 hours.

11/04/2015 | Cynthia Chandler | Live-streamed Event | 4 Views
The criminal justice system should focus less on retribution and more on reparations for those born into a culture of violence, says activist and Law Professor Cynthia Chandler. Chandler will discuss her views in a WSU lecture titled, “Unstuck: Resisting Slavery, Eugenics, and the Prison Industrial Complex.” WSU Global Connections will live-stream the CCGRS Speaker Series, which will be especially valuable for those involved with this year’s Common Reading selection, "Just Mercy."

10/28/2015 | Chef Jamie Callison | Live-streamed Event | 3 Views
Stir things up with WSU Executive Chef Jamie Callison! Chef Jamie will be preparing three fall soups—chicken noodle, tomato basil, and mulligatawny, along with a Cougar Gold panini. He’ll be giving out the recipes in advance, so get your grocery shopping done early in order to cook alongside one of the nation’s top chefs.

10/28/2015 | Michael Worthy | Webinar | 1 Views
Join WSU Regent Mike Worthy, Presidential Search Advisory Committee Chair, to hear WSU Global Campus students' thoughts about the most important characteristics of WSU’s next president. ?

10/20/2015 | Dr. Stoney Brooks | Webinar | 3 Views
Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for organizing and examining data. To help students unlock its secrets, Professor Stoney Brooks covered key tools such as PivotTables and Pivot Charts and how to use them in everyday life.

10/13/2015 | A Moving Sound | Webinar | 1 Views
WSU career counselor Chris Miller discusses Lea McCloud's Resume Coloring Book, available at WSU's Academic Success and Career Center. The online book helps you create a compelling resume, put your best foot forward, and increase your professional confidence.

10/08/2015 | Heather Instasi, Mara Almanzor | Webinar | 4 Views
Save time and energy by earning your Blackboard black belt. Heather and Mara are experts on the front line of Blackboard support at WSU and will answer commonly asked questions, share great tips, and provide personal assistance.

09/24/2015 | A Moving Sound | Live-streamed Event | 4 Views
In this interactive workshop apart of Washington State University's Humanitas Festival, members of the award-winning Guy Mendilow Ensemble discuss and play Ladino songs, the traditional music of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492. The session also explored the challenges of playing traditional repertoire, and set the stage for the ensemble's evening performance.

09/24/2015 | A Moving Sound | Live-streamed Event | 5 Views
At WSU's Humanitas Festival, the award-winning Guy Mendilow Ensemble presents a concert of Sephardic music—a Judeo-Spanish folk music known for its lush instrumentation and plangent vocals. The ensemble includes an international array of musicians who have recorded with everyone from Bobby McFerrin to Yo-Yo Ma.

09/22/2015 | Lorena O'English | Webinar | 0 Views
WSU academic librarian Lorena O’English will discuss why annotating is helpful and how it is applicable in the classroom and for research. The conclusion to this series will prepare you to succeed at this common academic task.

09/21/2015 | Holly Luetkenhaus | Webinar | 13 Views
Learn to connect information in new ways with WSU instruction librarian Holly Luetkenhaus. This info session will help you organize ideas and increase your cognitive ability by mapping links between concepts. The end result will be an increased ability to write a high quality, well organized paper.

09/16/2015 | Dave Cillay | Webinar | 4 Views
Hear from the vice president of WSU Academic Outreach and Innovation, which includes Global Campus, about students' thoughts and ideas about WSU’s online program. ?

09/10/2015 | Lorena O'English | Webinar | 0 Views
During your academic career, you'll likely be asked to annotate books and papers, which involves making notes directly on the text. In this first of a two-part webinar series, WSU academic librarian Lorena O'English discusses what exactly annotating is and different approaches for doing it.

08/18/2015 | Dr. Phyllis Erdman | Webinar | 14 Views
Dr. Phyllis Erdman, Associate Dean in WSU’s College of Education, explores the value and importance of the human-animal bond. She will show how unconditional love and connection between animals and humans mutually impacts our overall well-being.

08/13/2015 | Andy Lehr, Maja Gallespie | Webinar | 2 Views
WSU Student Financial Services advisors Maja and Andy cover topics that directly affect Global Campus students. Topics discussed include the types of financial aid, how to access it and how it is disbursed, census day, and how satisfactory academic process (SAP) requirements can affect your aid.

04/27/2015 | Megan Itani | Webinar | 10 Views
Megan Itani, Special Education teacher and WSU instructor, provides a close-up view of what it is like to live with Autism Spectrum Disorders and how the diagnosis has evolved over the years.

04/22/2015 | Rob Steigerwald | Live-streamed Event | 9 Views
Rob Steigerwald, Chief Operations Officer of The Americas-Western Region Marriott International, Inc. shares his expertise on NextGen in the field of Hospitality as the guest speaker for the 2015 Burtenshaw Lecture Series. The Burtenshaw Lecture Series highlights ways to steer hospitality businesses to prominence and profitability.

04/16/2015 | Dr. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs | Webinar | 11 Views
Which organic food is worth the extra money? Dr. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs, soils scientist and WSU associate professor of sustainable and organic agriculture, will discuss where to spend your limited food budget, how organic food can help both your health and the environment, and a bit about what's required for food to be labeled organic.

04/14/2015 | Chris Miller | Webinar | 10 Views
Looking for a new job? How about a new career? The WSU career counselor, Chris Miller, helps you navigate the most successful and least successful strategies for securing employment.

04/07/2015 | Sara Hones | Webinar | 14 Views
In this presentation, Sarah Ann Hones, director of WSU’s Distinguished Scholarships Program, discusses distinguished scholarships available to Global Campus students. She highlights the Fulbright, Boren and Truman, talks about how scholarships could support family members, and offers tips on how to best impress the review committees with your application and resume.

04/03/2015 | Heidi Melin, Jeff Wile, Kris Kutchera | Live-streamed Event | 3 Views
The annual Business Technology Symposium convenes a panel of technology executives from leading enterprises. Panelists discuss current and emerging issues facing information technology leaders. The symposium will include presenters from f5, Avista, Alaska Airlines, Plex, and Disney.

03/26/2015 | Ayana Jackson | Live-streamed Event | 9 Views
Photographer Ayana V. Jackson discusses her new exhibit, Archival Impulse, which is based on the theory that knowledge can be gained by re-examining and re-creating archival material. In this case, the archival material is 19th- and 20th-century photographs taken during the period of colonial expansion in Africa and the Americas. Jackson acts as both subject and photographer as she re-interprets these images.

03/23/2015 | Christopher Miller | Webinar | 13 Views
Looking for a new job? How about a new career? Hear from the WSU career counselor, Chris Miller, to discuss career development and identify your personal career goals.

03/06/2015 | Alex Murphy, Ruth Gregory | Webinar | 7 Views
Learn how to have a rewarding time, and avoid common pitfalls, during your international travel experience. Find ways to explore countries and communities you might not have thought possible. Get outside of your comfort zone and hear advice from seasoned travelling experts on how to make the most of your trip. Topics include research, packing, passport & visa information, navigating airports, and top 5 tips for travel success.

03/04/2015 | Mpule Kwelagobe | Live-streamed Event | 8 Views
The 2015 International Women's Day keynote speaker made world headlines in 1999 when she became the first Miss Universe from Africa. Since then, Botswana native Mpule Kwelagobe has used her fame to work for social justice, women's education and food security.

03/03/2015 | Patrick Merry | Live-streamed Event | 7 Views
Patrick Merry, owner of Merry Cellars Winery, discusses food & wine pairings, tasting & etiquette, and gives you an inside look at the process of wine production. Don't know what kind of wine to bring to a party? He can help with that.

02/25/2015 | Jessica Whitt, Matt Atwell | Live-streamed Event | 11 Views
University Recreation staff show you how to work out in 10-15 minutes, wherever you happen to be. Learn workouts that demonstrate how you can get fit with a minimum of time, expense, and Spandex.

02/23/2015 | Dr. Stoney Brooks | Webinar | 6 Views
Learn to think inside the box with this Advanced tutorial on the many ways you can use Excel to organize your life, automate math, and turn dull documents into color-coded triumphs of logic.

02/18/2015 | Dr. Stoney Brooks | Webinar | 6 Views
Learn to think inside the box with this Basics tutorial on the many ways you can use Excel to organize your life, automate math, and turn dull documents into color-coded triumphs of logic.

02/09/2015 | Chef Jamie Callison | Live-streamed Event | 6 Views
In this Valentine's Day-themed event, Chef Jamie will prepare steak, chocolate truffles and a chocolate lentil cake. He will also give tips on complementary side dishes, and offer a brief preview of Food From The Heart Part 2, in which winery owner Patrick Merry will discuss pairing food and wine.

01/27/2015 | WSU Alumni Association | Webinar | 4 Views
Learn about the advantages of joining the WSU Alumni Association, including face-to-face opportunities, career connections, discounts, and a chance to share the pride worldwide.

01/22/2015 | Angela Davis | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Activist & author Angela Davis gives a lecture to WSU students for the 2015 MLK Community Celebration.

01/17/2015 | Ryan Whitley, Thomas Wilson | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Staff from Tech Diversified, based out of Seattle, explain the importance of computer coding including online resources, free courses, and face-to-face opportunities. Learn the lingo, explore the online world, and expand your knowledge of technology.

01/07/2015 | WSU Student Financial Svc | Webinar | 9 Views
WSU Student Financial Services staff answer frequently asked questions and provide guidance on how to get the most of your Financial Aid package.

12/17/2014 | Katelyn Spradley | Webinar | 8 Views
A personal guide through winter clothing layering systems, travelling on snowshoes & cross-country skis, skin & eye protective gear, and staying warm during all of your winter activities.

12/09/2014 | Caroline Edmiston | Webinar | 3 Views
YouTube's Cooki3Fairy whips up a few batches of holiday cookies and gives you some fun ideas for throwing a cookie exchange party with your neighbors.

12/04/2014 | Arlene Pellicane | Webinar | 7 Views
Author of Growing Up Social and 31 Days to Becoming A Happy Wife, offers strategies to balance the demands of technology in your life and manage your time in today's social environment.

11/19/2014 | Chef Jamie Callison | Live-streamed Event | 6 Views
WSU Executive Chef shows you how to have a stress-free Thanksgiving meal, including recipes for Turkey & Gravy, Mashed Potatoes and Savory Muffins made of all the delicious left-overs.

11/12/2014 | Corey Johnson | Webinar | 12 Views
WSU Librarian answers student questions and provides a tutorial on accessing the online library's resources.

11/04/2014 | Brenda Cleaver | Webinar | 6 Views
Wellbeing Online staffer presents a summary of Dr. Gary Chapman's book, The 5 Love Languages, and helps you advance your emotional communication skills. 

09/26/2014 | A Moving Sound | Live-streamed Event | 2 Views
Musical group A Moving Sound, based out of Taiwan, performs for a live audience. Their performance creates a new musical expression that fuses Taiwanese, Chinese and neighboring Asian musical ideas in inspired and engaging modern song compositions.

09/25/2014 | Mia Hsieh | Live-streamed Event | 14 Views
Mia Hsieh of A Moving Sound musical group takes participants and viewers through the basics of Tai Chi.

09/18/2014 | Dave Cillay | Webinar | 9 Views
WSU Global Campus Vice President answers student questions for the 2014-2015 academic year.

05/05/2014 | Jenna Bracken | Webinar | 4 Views
For all those who enjoy the outdoors, LNT strives to educate about the nature of recreational impact, as well as techniques to prevent and minimize such impact.

04/29/2014 | Dr. Diane Cook | Webinar | 8 Views
Learn about what WSU is doing to implement the smart technology of today using artificial intelligence to keep homes safer.

04/28/2014 | Ben Woodman | Webinar | 5 Views
Chair of the Environment Sustainability Alliance at WSU Pullman takes a broad look at sustainability, and then breaks the concept down into specific actions that can be taken on a day-to-day basis.

04/16/2014 | Dr. Rich Zack | Webinar | 5 Views
WSU Entomology professor presents tips on traveling and the insects you may encounter while doing it.

04/11/2014 | Students WSU | Live-streamed Event | 4 Views
WSU students from all campuses compete on teams to solve a global issue with the opportunity to travel to implement the proposed solution. 2014's Case: Arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh.

04/08/2014 | Amberly Boone | Live-streamed Event | 3 Views
Take a guided tour of the brand new WSU Visitor's Center in Pullman, WA. Learn about the rich history, top achievements and research & development of products by past & current Cougs.

04/03/2014 | Kelsea Holbrook | Webinar | 10 Views
WSU Global Campus student shares her recipe for a batch of traditional Scandinavian waffles, with a few variations to spice them up.

03/26/2014 | Chef Jamie Callison | Live-streamed Event | 7 Views
WSU Executive Chef highlights how to make Bacon-wrapped Jalapenos, Beef Pot Roast, and Cougar Gold Mac 'n' Cheese

03/21/2014 | Joanne Greene, Paige Dixon | Webinar | 7 Views
If you've ever thought about trying a fad diet, this webinar will help you understand

02/18/2014 | Dennis Dehart | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Get an inside look at an introduction to the art of photography, including the use of live models.

02/07/2014 | Emily Casillas | Webinar | 6 Views
Cultural Anthropologist Emily R.S. Casillas explores the world of childrearing across the cultures of the world including parenting behavior, socialization and practices.

01/31/2014 | Joanne Greene | Webinar | 4 Views
Find out why keeping a New Year's Resolution can be so difficult for so many.

01/28/2014 | Darren Bystrom, Keith Tyler, Dr. John Wolff | Live-streamed Event | 2 Views
Members of Home Brewers of the Palouse brewing community demonstrate the mashing process in home brewing.

01/21/2014 | Darren Bystrom, Keith Tyler, Dr. John Wolff | Live-streamed Event | 9 Views
Members of Home Brewers of the Palouse brewing community teach, demonstrate and discuss fermentation of brewing beer at home.

01/14/2014 | Darren Bystrom, Keith Tyler, Dr. John Wolff | Live-streamed Event | 4 Views
Members of Home Brewers of the Palouse brewing community introduce

12/30/2013 | Dr. Bucky Carter | Webinar | 11 Views
Graphic-novel expert Dr. James Bucky Carter looks at two American icons: Superman and Batman, and analyzes their role in history and literature.

12/11/2013 | Anna Rochez | Webinar | 2 Views
Take a close look at the mural Skyhorses and the Finer Points of Solitaire & Checkers by Patrick Siler, located in downtown Pullman.

11/25/2013 | Melissa Ratsch | Webinar | 11 Views
Learn the basics and the benefits of utilizing infant-toddler Sign Language, and how it differs from American Sign Language.

11/25/2013 | Jaak Panksepp | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Learn about the historical denial of Consciousness in Other Animals

10/22/2013 | Emily Casillas | Webinar | 6 Views
Learn how to analyze your dreams, and how your culture might be influencing that analysis.

10/18/2013 | Brad Jaeckel | Webinar | 5 Views
Staff from the WSU Organic Farm provide tips on how to make the most of your home garden or farm.

08/15/2013 | WSU University Singers | Live-streamed Event | 1 Views
Celebrating Martin Luther King

08/13/2013 | Dr. David Leonard | Webinar | 3 Views
WSU Professor in the Critical Culture, Race and Gender Studies department leads a discussion on rituals, commercialization, mass media and gender.

02/12/2013 | Dr. Grant Norton | Webinar | 6 Views
WSU Professor in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, discusses the history of the battery and how we can move this technology into the future.

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